Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nice sentiment

This Margaritaville sign on the roof of the sports bar across the street from my office is a nice thought. But with highs only in the 40s and cold rain pelting us this April 28, it just doesn't seem like Jimmy Buffett country up here in Spokane. It's more like Seattleville than Margaritaville.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hawaiian Shirtman

The man. The new shirt. The legend.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tennis Studs

You have your New York Yankees, your Boston Celtics, your Gonzaga Bulldogs. You also have your SAC-Geranios tennis team. Yes, the 3.0 boys from the Spokane Athletic Club have once again qualified for the playoffs in the Tri-Cities, something we have done every year but one since 1999.
Our 4-1 victory over Alf's North Park team last night provided the mortar that built our legacy to new heights. Here is the blow-by-blow:
Steve Lamberson waltzed to victory in No. 1 singles, despite a pre-match bout of low confidence that was unwarranted.
Chris ``Grinder'' Flanagan needed a third set tie-breaker to work his magic at No. 2 singles. Excellent work.
Mark Connelly and John Siok had some trouble at No. 1 doubles, and I'm not just talking about Mark's shirt. They fought valiantly in defeat, and we are still proud to call them brother.
Kevin O'Neill and Bruce Johnson treated their opponents in No. 2 doubles the way a puppy treats the floor. Really, gentlemen, you could have taken your feet off the gas pedal for just a moment, lest the tennis world think you are shorter, whiter and less buff Venus and Serena Williams hiding out in Spokane.
In No. 3 doubles, the father-son team of Nick Geranios and Sonny Boy (real name: Kon) needed a third set tie-breaker and lots of helpful tips from Dad to Sonny to beat their scrappy opponents. Afterwards, Sonny asked me never to talk to him again in that tone of voice. I ask you, did Nick Bolletieri hold his tongue when molding young Agassi? I think not.

Alas, despite going 4-1 on the year with one match left, many of us will not actually we able to appear in the Tri-Cities for the playoffs. for my part, i have to go to waterville, Maine to watch my daughter graduate from college that weekend.

Friday, April 10, 2009

We win again

Team Geranios posted another victory last weekend, avenging our only league tennis loss to North Park-Palmer. As usual, Bruce and Nick shined in doubles, as did Mark and Dr. Sam. Kevin was a big singles winner. Steve took it to a tiebreaker before falling in singles. Jeff and Kon played hard in their doubles loss. We are 3-1 and a strong bet for the playoffs.