Friday, November 28, 2008

Vomitorium Thanksgiving

We had Ann's mom and oldest brother and his two sons over for Thanksgiving yesterday. Unbeknownst to us, we were also harboring a nasty strain of stomach flu.

Shortly after we finished dinner, I had to retire to the bedroom because I felt terrible. even watching the Zags crush Oklahoma State on television didnt perk me up.

Later that night, Eli blew chunks all over the upstairs bathroom, which necessitated a major haz mat cleanup. A few hours after that, I rushed to the bathroom and threw up my entire undigested Thanksgiving dinner. Actually, it looked interesting floating in the toilet, the brown of the meat and gravy infused with red diamonds from the cranberry sauce. I cleaned up after myself and went back to bed.

Ann was next, about 4 a.m.

At breakfast, our guests said they were heading back to Butte ASAP. I dont blame them.

tennis star

Another tennis tournament, another trophy for me. My partner Joy and I won the the 3.0 mixed doubles portion of a tournament at our club last week. There actually isn't a trophy. The prize is a jacket with a champion monogram on it. I plan to wear it everywhere for the next year.

My son Tom, who is 14, played doubles with me at the 3.5 level, which is a little above my ability, and we lost two matches to be eliminated. Tom knows it was my fault.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Survive the Crapple Cup

The Crapple Cup is going to be so execrable this Saturday that only a true diehard would watch. Here's some suggestions on how to better spend your time:

1, Dress your spouse in a tight purple halter and a short crimson skirt and spend the afternoon penalizing her for illegal use of hands.
2, Seek a quantum of solace by attending new James Bond film "Quantum of Solace."
3, Replay tape of WSU's Sept. 20 win over Portland State, the only victory either team has this season.
4, Celebrate WSU basketball team's expected win over Sacramento State so heartily on Friday night that you sleep well into Saturday afternoon.
5, Attend a sing-along showing of "Mamma Mia!" at your local cineplex with your wife and three of her girlfriends, and never worry about football again.
6, Send a letter to President-elect Obama demanding that some of that "change" and "audacity of hope" he promised be spread on the gridirons of the Northwest ASAP.
7, Get a copy of the official report of the testosterone-laden altercation between former WSU Provost Steve Hoch and another administrator that cost Hoch his job. Then wonder why Hoch isn't playing for the Cougs.

Friday, November 14, 2008

At Garland Street Geranios Did Surrender

My manhood received a tough test last night and I passed with flying colors: I attended a sing-along version of ``Mamma Mia'' with four women (plus Steve) and walked out with all my testosterone intact.

Long-time readers of this blog know that I am a big fan of Abba (an Abban?) and I have been dying to see ``Mamma Mia.'' The Garland Theater in Spokane is one of those $3 second-run movie houses, and they have been playing a version of the movie that includes the lyrics of the songs printed on the bottom of the screen.

This was all great fun, especially as we smuggled rum in and mixed it with Cokes to enhance our singing.

No everyone is comfortable letting their softer side show. When Bill at work found out where I was going, he suggested I stand up before the movie and demand that all ``the real men'' in the audience follow me across the street to a bar. Bill obviously has deeper issues than Benny-and-Bjorn-phobia.

Ann had an excellent time with her friends Min, Cathy and (uber-cook) Marcy. Afterwards we went to dinner at the appropriately named Mamma Mia restaurant.
The photo at right shows me in a manlier moment from last summer.

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Fistful of Nicks

I was cleaning out some files recently and came upon some pictures that were taken for an article the Yakima Herald wrote about me when I worked in that city for AP. I decided to mount these pix in a frame and hang it in my office, part of a general shrine to myself that I maintain.

You might notice I looked younger and a little more put together 17 years ago. I even wore a tie to work!

I definitely was a bit smarter. Here's an example: Ann and I were out to dinner with some friends on Sunday night. When the waitress was bringing us our wine, the bottle started to tip over on the tray. With reflexes honed by years of tennis playing, I managed to grab the bottle and save it, to the cheers of the crowd.

Being a funny guy, I joked to the waitress that I hoped she didn't think I was trying to cop a feel when I reached for the tottering bottle.

That stopped all conversation, and I spent the rest of the evening staring down at the table top in shame every time the waitress came back.

The old Nick would have never made such a blunder.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My first grandchild

Even though I am only 49, Miranda presented me with my first grandchild when she bought this little dog recently. She named him Cappy. Ann, who has never had a dog, has renamed him Crappy.
Miranda says Cappy is not a ``little purse dog,'' but I think the evidence of this photo shows that's exactly what he is. She is flying home from Maine for Christmas, and Cappy will sit on her lap, additional proof that this dog would be at home on ``Sex In the City.''
The boys are very excited to meet Cappy, as they have never had a dog.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Come on Eileen!

Last night was a historic election for more than one reason. Ann's younger sister Eileen was elected prosecutor of Butte-Silver Bow County in Montana. Congratulations, Eileen, and here's hoping you throw many a scumbag in jail.
Eileen is a single mom with four fine children and we are all proud of her. But not too proud to publish this photo from this summer's Joyce family reunion on Deer Lake.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Where are the Chippendales?

Ann had her election buddies Albuquerque Kathy and
Kansas City Peg over to the house recently. They cooked a
spectacular meal and pounded some Three Buck Chuck.
They have strong opinions about many things, and I was smart enough to keep my mouth shut.

Zion or Bust

My recent trip to see Jimmy Buffett in Las Vegas was not all spent in casinos.
Earlier in the trip, my brothers Jim and George and i took our mother to Zion National Park near St. George, Utah. Mom lives with Jim (left) in St. George, which is a lovely place to visit.
Zion is small but has spectacular scenery, and would be a blast to hike through on another visit.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I see dead football teams

One of my jobs is to cover the Washington State football team, which is in the midst of the worst season in program history. So I've covered games where WSU lost by 66-3, 63-14 and 69-0. I've also watched on TV as they lost 66-13, 45-17 and 39-13.

The season doesn't get any easier. This weekend Arizona is coming to town and the outcome is not likely to be pretty. The following weekend I get to cover No. 9 Boise State vs. woeful Idaho. Then it's winless Washington at Washington State in the Puke Cup.
Fortunately, I also get to watch my son Tom (No. 46) play for Ferris High