Tuesday, April 29, 2008

One last piece of Nostradamus TV

One more classic television show of the 1960s that gave us an eerily accurate picture of our own future was the original Star Trek.

Fans of this show can' t help but see that it was a virtual blueprint for the presidency of Bill Clinton.

Captain Kirk was clearly the role model for Clinton; a reckless, amoral, violent adventurer prone to self-delusion and rampant womanizing with females of any species.

When seeking a vice president, Clinton chose a Mr. Spock clone named Mr. Gore, a stiff, emotionless creature of logic with no sense of humor, who could easily put people to sleep.

Clinton's Dr. McCoy was his own wife Hillary, an excitable know-it-all who liked telling people off. (this description could apply to many spouses).

Clinton battled both the standard variety of pro-business, small government Republicans (represented in the show by the Romulans), and the blood-thirsty right wing Moral Majority nut jobs consumed by God and gays (presented in the show as Klingons).

Finally, the rest of the nation served as The Guys in the Red Shirts, expendable cogs who always die first.

``If you need to boldly go, it's the first door to the right.''

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WilliM said...

You must be correct about the original Romulans and Klingons. What's left in my memory core mixes in too much of later versions.

We all hoped Scotty would show up to contain the USS Clinton-A energy field, but he never got an line to the bridge established and may never have been on board.

I guess the Ferengi didn't show up until Next Generation, but the Newt Group played them well and had similar straying power. The analogy fails as Ferengi fell off the stage like Red Shirts, but the Newt Group wormholes led to K Street.

You are correct. Again. Of course. There's no disentangling the later facts and the original fiction. Nostradamus rules.