Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I Am Fartacus

As a professional wordsmith, I am very interested in learning new expressions. Lately I've been exposed by my sons to several new terms regarding flatulence, and cannot stop myself from sharing them here:

1, Buttercup: When you pass gas into your hand, clench your fist and then open it in someone's face.

2, Cropdusting: When you pass gas near the face of a sleeping person.

3, Arabian gas mask: Even I refrain from defining this in public. It is disgusting.

These and much more can be found at the Urban Dictionary.

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Eugene said...


Longtime reader, first time commenter. I wonder if this is an accurate definition of "cropdusting." I have always understood that term to refer to the approach of a target with intent to release flatulence within said target's vicinity, followed by the release of said flatulence, followed by rapid evasive action to avoid remaining in said target's vicinity when said target detects said flatulence. In this way the perpetrator "dusts" the target as he/she passes (pun intended), and hence the terminology. While the target could certainly be asleep, any stationary target will do; try it with Wiley sitting at his desk.


Bill Safire