Thursday, November 15, 2007

Zags Jacket

The saga of the Vegas Jacket continues. I wore it to cover the first Gonzaga basketball game of the season, and the reaction from workers and fans at the game was, as usual, overwhelming. A security guard said he hadn't seen anything like it in decades. Team officials offered me a separate chair in the press box to drape the jacket. Players took time out from warming up to stare in awe.
My fashion-challenged fellow reporters, however, were less impressed. Several asked if I had killed my couch or been attacked by a plaid monster. I warned them that I might continue to wear the jacket until the Zags lose at home (they are 41-1 there in 3 seasons). That seemed to shut them down a bit.
After the game I wore the jacket out to dinner with my tennis buddies. They suggested we adopt the jacket as our team warmup uniform. This is a great idea because I got it off the clearance rack at Ralph Lauren and there were a lot left, in many sizes, at a good price.


donna said...

"...there were a lot left, in many sizes, at a good price."

enough said.

pen said...

haha...can't believe you wore it to a game!