Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Letter 2007

we're one of those families that sends a Christmas letter every year. Here is this year's version, which I wrote. I warn you this has been scathingly attacked by people who don't think these kind of missives should exist at all :

We know you’re all busy so we’ll keep this short:

1, Miranda turned 21 this year. We have spawned an adult. She spent the first semester of junior year studying economics in Florence, Italy. We got a lesson in economics as the Euro grew more powerful against the dollar, making everything she bought more expensive.

2, Kon graduated from Ferris High School this year and is a freshman at Washington State University. That means we are paying two tuitions. Kon seems to be enjoying college and is thinking of becoming a pharmacist.

3, Tom is 13, an 8th grader, and deep into tennis and football. He traveled the region playing in tennis tournaments last summer, and played quarterback, running back and linebacker on his Pop Warner football team.

4, Eli is 11 and a 6th grader. He plays AAU basketball, baseball and tennis, loves video games and reading. I still call him Our Family’s Baby.

5, Ann continues to safeguard our democracy with her work in AP elections and prep sports. With a presidential election looming, she is stressed out and constantly in need of a vacation. But she remains lovely and fashionable and we are very proud of her.

6, I continue to run the Spokane bureau of The Associated Press. I completed 25 years in the company and celebrated by starting my own blog, which can be found at: http://dickcleveland.blogspot.com

Our family spent a wonderful five days vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, in April. I learned the beach is my natural habitat and that I am Mexican by nature. I want to live there.

My two brothers and I did a weekend in Las Vegas during the summer. It was our first boys weekend ever and we had a blast. I also want to live in Vegas.

I visited Kon for Dad’s weekend at WSU, where we had a wonderful time. I also want to be a college student again.

We hope your family had a good 2007 and wish you a happy 2008.

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