Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ruled By Women

With Hillary Clinton coming to town to campaign tomorrow, I have had occasion to reflect on how completely ruled by women we are in this part of the world.

Setting aside the whole issue of Mom, I see that women are the authority figures in many aspects of my life.

In Washington state, we have two women as U.S. senators, a female governor, and a congresswoman who represents this area in Washington, D.C. The mayor of Spokane is a woman. My boss is a woman. My wife and I work for the same company, but she is in management and I am not, so she is sort of a boss also.

So what difference would a female president make?

Fortunately, as a Greek male, I am well schooled in the proper place of women in our society. Honey, would you edit this?

Photo at Right: My throne awaits.

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pen said...

Hellloooooo??????? You forgot me!!!

Typical man!