Thursday, March 20, 2008

Nickfest Begins

Finally, we have some people on board with the concept of Nickfest.

On Monday evening, Charlie Lemcke from my tennis team gave me the first present of the year-long celebration leading to my 50th Birthday. Thanks for the airplane Charlie, and thanks for showing others the way.

When I related this inspiring tale at work on Tuesday, Carmen opened her desk drawer and gave me a packet for a fizzy energy drink. It was her first Nickfest contribution.

Below is a picture of the airplane. Unfortunately, I mixed the fizzy drink and threw away the wrapper. Sorry about the lack of picture, Carmen, but your thoughfulness remains.

On an unrelated note, I have Gonzaga and Washington State winning their first two games in the NCAA tournament. Since I covered two dozen Top 25 games this season, that should pretty much guarantee victory.

Nickfest takes off, and so does this fine aircraft.

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