Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tennis Trauma, Part II

The most difficult USTA tennis season of this long and illustrious career has come to an unsatisfying close.

The 3.0 team I captain, which has made the playoffs every year since 1999, just missed this year after one of our singles players was disqualified for allegedly being a ringer. All his wins were converted to losses, leaving us with a 2-4 record and me with a bad attitude. What a load of crap.

This means no weekend getaway for the boys in the Tri-Cities in May. What a loss to their economy, especially the casinos and bars.
Our 3.5 team went 0-6. We didn't expect to do a lot better, because we were playing up. I had to play No. 1 singles because we were short-handed in our final match. At least I wasn't killed.
Above is a picture of me talking to the network guys after our final match.

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