Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Vegas Jacket

During my recent trip to Vegas with my brothers, we decided we wanted to dress cool. ``Clooneyesque,'' one brother called it. So we stopped at the Ralph Lauren Outlet Store in St. George, Utah, and picked out some threads. I put this jacket on, and a female customer in the store felt compelled to come over and tell me it looked great and I had to buy it. Sixty dollars poorer, but convinced of my Clooneyness, I wore this on the Strip in 107 degree weather. The reaction was awesome: Dozens of people commented on the jacket, doormen, bouncers, the dancers at Coyote Ugly, other tourists. Yea, I want to be a rock star, and this is the jacket for it. Back home, I wear it to work once in awhile. The other day I went into Talbot's to pick up something for my wife. The woman at the counter said: ``That is a cool jacket.''
This is the most powerful and important piece of outerwear I have ever owned. Some might dismiss it as the ``Fredo jacket.'' But to me, it's all about ``Viva Las Vegas Jacket.''

p.s. If you are going to wear this, it helps to be Greek.

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING DEPARTMENT: Let me get this straight: On Battlestar Galactica, they kill off the hot, blonde Amazon fighter pilot who was constantly in her underwear, constantly drunk and constantly agitated. And they leave us Edward James Olmos? Time to sell the stock in eyeglass makers.

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