Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Year's Party

There has been a request for information about our annual New Year's Party. There's not much to tell. There was lots of beer, wine and blue martinis. Of course, I wore the Vegas Jacket. Or to be more precise, the Vegas Jacket wore me.

Any man who wears the Jacket is a complete dancing machine, and we all danced a lot. I played my new favorite song, Rick James' ``Superfreak,'' over and over again on a pathetic excuse for a stereo. We also played some disco and soul music that I bought for the party after the selection of 70s classics that i played last year was roundly criticized. Who doesn't love ``My Sharona,'' I ask you?

Being Greek, I got a little carried away and was doing the bump with many of the ladies in the room. Our hyper-competitive friend Min decided that she had to give me a bigger bump than I gave her, and I was nearly thrown against the wall.

There was pogo sticking in the gym (John is the champ). We also had a beer pong table up, and Ann and I beat the Lorenz's in a tight match.

There was lots of excellent food that people brought. We had champagne at midnight, and also set off those popper things that fill the air with the smell of gunpowder.

Some of the kids played ``Guiter Hero,'' and we danced to their version of ``You Really Got Me.'' That got me so nostalgic for Van Halen that I ran out and bought their greatest hits shortly after and have been rocking to ``Hot for Teacher'' all week.

Unfortunately, I did not have time to put up the portable stripper pole that we used last year. That was all for the best, as there really isn't enough clearance for a person to do a full 360 around the pole without hitting a wall, and I hate it when the guests bleed on my floors.

I have a strict ``no cameras'' policy at all parties, so there are no photos of the festivities. But this is an excellent opportunity for another file photo of the Vegas Jacket.

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